PT. Maju Jaya Prima Perkasa

Trafindo Transformer

Trafindo is the first and largest distribution transformer manufacturer and related products for power distribution in Indonesia. Since 1981, Trafindo Transformers have consistently applied the latest manufacturing technology and technical solutions to support the country's rapid growth in the fields of electrification, urbanization and digitalization. Transformer Trafindo owns and operates four specialized modern manufacturing plants that are fully integrated.


Integrated from product design to life cycle service. Four specialized factories with integrated production systems that include engineering, product design, product customization capabilities for a variety, industries with high specifications, strict end-to-end quality control with automated testing & reporting, V-cycle documentation, commissioning, cycle maintenance, repairs and emergency replacement at locations including high-risk zones. History of market innovation & new product launches. Industry awards & certifications for compliance with domestic and international industries.

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