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12 Mar 2019
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Sell Trafindo Trafindo

We Sell Distribution Tracos Pln 20Kv-400 Volt, With Capacity Of 16 Kva Up To 20000Kva (20Mva). Brand: Sintra, Schneider, Trafindo, Starlite, Voltra, Centrado, Bambangdjaya And Welltraf.

Trafindo transformer specifications:

Strong endurance
affordable prices
Good quality trafindo transformer

Ready Stock From 25 Kva Up To 2500 Kva

Certified, Warranty, Letter of Origin of Goods, Certification of Testing, Lmk Pln

We Also Serve Licensing Slo, New Install, Add Power, Repair, Maintenance, Oil Change / Oil Treatment And Commissioning Trafo.

Price Negotiable. We Serve 24 Hours.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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