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Dry to 2000 kVA transformer TRAFINDO
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10 Jul 2019
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Specification of Dry to 2000 kVA transformer TRAFINDO

Dry to 2000 kVA transformer TRAFINDO

The transformer is a device used to raise and lower the electric current, this transformer is composed of many frequencies that low frequency transformer, medium frequency transformer, high frequency transformer.

Low frequency transformer is a transformer that works at a frequency of 20Hz to 20kHz audio, medium frequency transformer is a transformer that is working at a frequency of 455kHz're working on frequency and high frequency transformer is a transformer that works at high frequencies usually used for the purposes of generating frequencies.

Dry transformer to 2000 kVA transformer bertengangan TRAFINDO including medium, it has a voltage transformer to 2000 kVA.

Dry to 2000 kVA transformer specifications TRAFINDO:

3 ph 2000 kva transformer tegangn 20-0.4 kV
Dyn5 cast resin dry type brand TRAFINDO

We also sell a transformer a wide range of voltages from tagangan 25kVA up transformer voltage large, brand transformer which we sell that transformer SCHNEIDER, transformer TRAFINDO, transformer STARLITE, transformer VOLTRA, transformer CENTRADO, transformer SINTRA, transformer BAMBANGDJAYA, transformer WELLTRAF, transformer MAX transformer, transformer UNITRAF.

In addition to 5000 kVA transformer Bambangdjaja We also sell brand transformer, such as transformer TRAFINDO, Schneider transformers, distribution transformers, transformer bambangdjaja, TRAFINDO 600 kVA transformer, Outdoor TRAFINDO 630kVA transformer, generator honda brands, generators, Cubicle or electric panel, electrical poles, BST kinds of wires, electrical accessories, generators and other power tools.

In addition to selling units We provide services pemsangan transformer, maintenance transformer, care transformer regularly, mounting cubicle, installation of electrical panels, installation of electricity poles, which are done by professional experts sehinggal installation services for transformers, maintenance transformer, installation of electrical panels or cubilce, maintenance cubicle, and oemasangan quality electrical pole.

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