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generator control panel
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04 Jun 2017

Specification of

Jual Panel PKG Genset

We sell Genset PKG panel or generator control panel, this panel works the same as other panel, that is genset control panel ii function to operate generator from powering, running, stopping current, and emergency stop equipped with a good quality protection and monitoring system.

Generator control or generator control panel generator set:

Over / under voltage
Over / under Frequency
Over current
Over temperature
Reverse Power
Unbalancing Voltage
Unbalancing current
Earth Fault
PKG machine panel genset protectors:

Low oil pressure
High water temperature
High Oil Temperature
Over / Under speed
Low voltage battery
In addition to generating genset control panel We also sell various tiger panels or other electrical panel models, and provide panel installation services, panel maintenance, panel repair, and service panel.

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