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Panel Cubicle Schneider QMC SM6 Type
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Sell Panel Cubicle Schneider QMC SM6 Type

Specification of Panel Cubicle Schneider QMC SM6 Type

Cubicle Panel Schneider QMC type SM6

One type of electrical panel which Cubicle Schneider SM6 QMC mode, which has a function as a controller, connecting and protector and split the power from an electric power source. The panel functions in detail are:

- Controlling the circuit is carried by the main switch.
- Protect the circuit performed by the phase / buster.
- Dividing the circuit was done by the division of the department / group (busbar).

Schneider Electric Panel Sell QMC type SM6

Each building or buildings such as hotels, offices, intansi, factories and some other buildings of course required to have an electrical installation which on its application is the role of the electric panel that has a function as a tool that is able to distribute electricity from the source to the consumer or load. We sell electrical panel with specs:

- Containing fixed or withdrawable circuit breaker, using SF6 or vacuum breaking technology, switch-disconnector and contactor.
- Rated current 400, 630 and 1250 A
- Short-circuit current up to 25 kA
- Internal arc containment: 12.5 kA / 1s and 16 kA / 1s with A-FL and A-FLR. IAC additional performance for 20 kA / 1s with A-FL and A-FLR upwards exhaust
- Sepam and VIP relays
- Easergy T200S telecontrol interface
- Flair fault passage indicator

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