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27 Aug 2017

Specification of

Sell ​​Panel ATS AMF

The AMF ATS Panel is an electric Panel consisting of various panels of power panels and electrical distribution panels used to control or control electrical ars to the electronic equipment evenly. The distribution of electrical energy is of course with the security of the installation, security of use, panel inspection and panel maintenance. In the making of course must pay attention to detail matters in detail such as panels should be installed in a strategic place, the panel placed open room like for example on the front of the building, and the panel should not be placed in a damp room. Panel sections are required to match the PUIL function to determine the amount of phase, phase, and so on. Surely the panel is equipped with an ampere meter, volt meter, and indicator lights.

PT. Maju Jaya Prima Perkasa Provide various panel of TR (Low voltage) such as:

  • LVMDP panel
  • Capasitorbank panel
  • control panel motor, PHB TR panel
  • Panel Synchrone generator, panel C.O.S
  • AMF ATS Panel
  • Gensset PKG panel
  • and other panels as needed.

For more electrical panel information and further reservations please contact PT. Maju Jaya Prima Perkasa.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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