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XLPE Cable 20kv
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Specification of XLPE Cable 20kv

NA2XSEBY cable 3 x 95 mm² 12/20 kV

The NA2XSEBY cable is an XLPE cable. XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene) is a mixture of thermosets that have better properties than PVC, therefore one type of power cable is used in medium to high voltage. Cables are more resistant to changes in properties at high temperatures than PVCs that must be replaced periodically. These cables can withstand temperatures of up to 90 ° C, which can increase current capacity, especially when the ambient temperature is very high.

Cheap Cable With High Quality

Currently XLPE insulation is a type of isolation that is very much its use because of its mechanical properties is quite good and does not suck water. Benefits of using XLPE cables:
- Light cable and easy installation
- Hold heat, so it can not melt
- High working temperature (90 degree celcius).
- High insulation resistance.
- Cable life is relatively longer.
- Resistant to abrasion

Cable Specifications NA2XSEBY 3 x 95 mm² 12/20 kV:
• Oil Resistance
• UV Resistance
• Flame Retardant Paint. A B C
• Flame Retardant Non Category
• Anti Termite
• Anti Rodent
• Low Smoke Zero Halogen
• For indoor installation, ground direct burried, power station and switchgear

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